Ad Specs

Image resolution should be 300 dpi

Max ad dimensions are:
7.625" inches wide by 3" inches deep
Trim page dimensions are:
8.25" inches wide by 3.5" inches deep
Full bleed is available - Max bleed dimensions are:
8.75" inches wide by 3.75" inches deep

All full color ads must be submitted as CMYK

Please include all necessary fonts and images

Acceptable media formats: zip, CD, or floppy disk

May be emailed if smaller than 10MB

E-mail address:

Programs Acceptable File Formats Acceptable   Unacceptable File Formats
Quark Express PDF (*preferred)   Microsoft Word
PageMaker TIF - EPS   Microsoft Publisher
Adobe Illustrator JPEG - GIF   Powerpoint
Adobe Photoshop BMP   Excel/Word Perfect